You Thought Tenerife Was the Ultimate Biking Terrace. Think Closer.

A little bit of everything

Biking on Kvarner will be a unique challenge for everyone, and you will be infused with a myriad of feelings, all except for one – boredom. Riding along the shore is an exceptional experience because there are literally no plains, and the road follows inlets that are connected to one another. At times it descends to sea level, and at times it follows the steep coastline and extends along the edge of a hundred-metre-high gorge. The colour of the sea alternates from turquoise blue to dark blue because the depth in certain spots drops to 30 metres or more. This is a sure sign that there are mountains nearby.

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Ain’t no mountain high enough

The Kvarner phenomenon is that there are countless climbs that begin at sea level and end at the summits of this region. The longest ascent and highest road in Kvarner ends at 1400 m above sea level, and consists of 22 km of constant uphill climbing from the Ičići Marina to the highest peak on Učka, Vojak. This is also the finish line of the most demanding stage of the Tour of Croatia, which tests the strength of the world’s best cycling teams. Vojak is an extraordinary peak where you will feel like ruler of the world because from it you can see Istria to west, Velebit and Risnjak to the east, and the Adriatic islands to the south that look like large stones scattered in shallow water.

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A mountain overlooking the sea

If you set off towards the eastern side of the city of Rijeka, you will have the unique opportunity to climb 35 km from sea level to the Platak Ski Resort, which boasts over 100 ski days during the heavy winter season. At the top of the highest ski slope you can delight in the same view as from the top of Učka, Vojak.

Energy cells

What amazes everyone who comes to Kvarner for a cycling vacation is the cuisine that is always deeply imbued in the cycling lifestyle. The assortment of seafood at local restaurants is in balance with the selection of meat delicacies from the region’s mountain area. The food here still has that indigenous, unaltered flavour.

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Useful tips

The roads are in excellent condition, and the dense network of local roads will enable you to enjoy your ride without being in contact with the busy traffic of urban centres. To make your stay in Kvarner even easier, set your shifting to adapt to riding on mountainous terrain – for road bikes a 34×28 compact, while for MTBs a standard shifter will suffice.

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Time to relax

Here you will certainly find an excellent quality/cost ratio in many of the accommodation facilities, along with superb service. It is also the perfect location for going on cycling tours as well as enjoying the sound of waves beneath your window. A variety of top-quality wellness centres will rejuvenate your energy and fill your time while recuperating between two cycling tours.

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