At Travel Croatia we organise weddings that are custom designed, highly personal and plush with details. Fabulous events come in all shapes, all sizes, and in all sorts of venues. For couples who are planning on enjoying large or extravagant weddings, or simply want to enjoy their engagement… our Full Wedding Planning Services are your perfect fit.


As your wedding coordinator we at Travel Croatia can offer advice and guidance as you select your vendors, decide of your wedding’s aesthetic design, determine your budget, plan your ceremony, have questions about traditions or etiquette, etc. Our coordinator leads your rehearsal ceremony, generally handles the set up of your wedding ceremony and reception, supports the bride, groom, and wedding party as they prepare, and leads the wedding ceremony and timing of the reception and wedding activities.



Tell us about your dream wedding and let’s make it happen


Honeymoon is a trip of a lifetime, something to remember for good and Croatia is just the right place for a honeymoon. It is a country that fits all types of vacation, cultural, beach hopping or staying on the move.
If you would like to see more and you are on the move, best thing is to arrive and depart from different airport. Croatia has several airports that service many international destinations, and so by not having to go back to your arrival airport, you can travel around and enjoy the country at a more leisurely pace.
If you prefer beaches, wellness and spa, Adriatic coast with more than 1000 islands is the place for you. Tell us more how you imagined your honeymoon and let’s make it happen…

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