Wander Off On Via Dinarica and You Will Find Yourself

The Via Dinarica trail consists of three main corridors. The blue line follows the Adriatic coast ; the white line covers the high Dinarides; and the green line refers to the continental Dinarides. In Croatia, Via Dinarica passes next to six national parks (Risnjak, Northern Velebit, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Mljet) and four nature parks (Učka, Velebit, Vransko Lake, Biokovo).

The White Line – the one with the most breathtaking view

The White Line reaches its highest point on the mountain of Dinara, the highest peak of Croatia, and also the mountain the Dinarides and the Via Dinarica trail were named after. You would never guess that if we didn’t tell you!

The White Line is recommended to experienced and well equipped hikers. Or to those who don’t have a lot of experience but do have an enormous amount of bravery. Got to get that experience somewhere, right?

The best time of year to visit the trail is summer because there is a lot of snow during autumn, winter and even early spring.
However, if you are Yetti, then you can go whenever you want.
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The Blue Line – the one where you hike over the Adriatic

The line passes through four islands (Krk, Rab, Pag, Mljet) and two peninsulas (Istria and Pelješac). So, wherever you go, you can see the sea from the nearest higher ground. Not just that, you’ll go through canyons of the most beautiful littoral rivers, Zrmanja and Cetina.
The best thing is, if you get tired from hiking or cycling on the mountain, you can just find the fastest way down and dip yourself in a natural bath because there is a lot of water on this line. That’s probably why they call it the Blue line. Oh, and this line is ideal for cycling so if you have one, make sure to bring your mountain bike with you.

Green Line – the one with beautiful waterfalls

The Green Line of Via Dinarica is all about falling.
Firstly, it is so beautiful it can be dangerous! You could get swept off your feet by the unspoiled beauty of its green landscape and fall to the ground. Be careful of all those wonderful sights lurking you!
Secondly, it’s not only you who could fall, there is also a lot of water falling. This line connects two biggest Croatian waterfalls – the waterfall of the Curak creek at Zeleni Vir and the waterfall of Plitvice at Plitvice Lakes.