One Man’s Fear is Another Man’s Thrill


Let’s kick off with a first in Europe, the very first zipline over the sea at Crikvenica, one of several zipline experiences which you can enjoy by a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Plitvice, over pirate country, and one of Lonely Planet’s top 40 experiences on the Cetina, as well as Pazin in Istria, and Konavle to the south. Ready, steady, zip!


The Cetina River is the focus of much of Dalmatia’s adrenaline tourism. Once a hideout for the feared “Pirates of Omiš”, today there are other thrills such as white-water rafting and extreme diving at the source of the Cetina, where no diver has ever reached the bottom.

Bungee Jumping

Perhaps a bungee jump or two? New opportunities exist on some of Croatia’s most iconic bridges, near Dubrovnik and Šibenik, while Maslenica is perhaps the best known, and no party on Zrće would be complete without some extreme jumping. Jump, jump, jump around – all over Croatia!


Croatia’s sometimes rocky terrain and plethora of national parks makes it ideal hiking country, as well as a picturesque haven for rock climbers. There are numerous sites all over the country, but perhaps none as unique as hiking on the Premužićeva Trail, which is located in the Northern Velebit National Park*, and rated as the best one in all of Croatia!

* Northern Velebit was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the “Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe”, which makes beech tree forests in Northern Velebit and Paklenica National Parks in Croatia a new world heritage site.


In Croatia, locals do things differently, and it is perhaps no surprise that locals have invented their own peculiar event on Pašman, called škraping, a rather bizarre race held each year over a terrain which Dalmatia offers in abundance – rocks. The race is increasing in popularity each year, and involves contestants racing over rocky terrain, some of which contains razor sharp edges. Are you ready for the hardest track EVER?


A true adrenaline destination inspires its visitors of course, and Croatia’s adventure portfolio has recently expanded to include slacklining, initiated by a group of Austrian tourists slacklining over the famous Red Lake of Imotski, just weeks after a Frenchman became the first person ever to successfully dive to the lake’s bottom.

Kite-surfing, wakeboarding, cycling, scuba diving, kayaking, the list goes on and on. Now you just need to figure out – which one is your adrenaline addiction?