Do the Light Thing: Choose a Lighthouse Just for Yourself!

SAVUDRIJA – An international view and your own private beach

The northernmost point of the Croatian Adriatic has its own lighthouse. Italy lies to the one side, Slovenia on the other, and all the rest is Croatia. This is also the oldest lighthouse on the Croatian coast, built in 1818, and the cape on which it lies is called Punta Salvore or Cape of Salvation.
So come and be saved from the stressful rhythm of life. Having your own “private beach” will surely help, because the whole coast around the lighthouse is fenced off to give you the utmost privacy.

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PORER – El Dorado for underwater fishing

Amid a mere eighty-metre wide reef, at about a mile and a half from shore, stands a wonderful, tall cylindrical structure, and one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Adriatic. Its tower is entirely washed out from the sea so that its white surface gleams in the sun and is visible from afar. There are three small harbours around the lighthouse, enabling access during wavy and windy weather conditions of all kinds. Due to currents in an incredibly attractive seabed, this is an El Dorado for everyone who loves underwater fishing.

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VELI RAT – The best view from above

Besides being on the very edge of Dugi Rat with a stunning view of the open sea, even the path to the lighthouse is covered in dense forest so that your isolation from civilisation is at its peak. If, however, you happen to feel like civilisation, just look out from your 40-metre high lighthouse and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse. Right next to the lighthouse lies the beautiful Pantera Bay that resembles a beautiful ocean lagoon, which further contributes to this divine environment.

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TAJER (Kornati) – A lollipop with a bird’s song

If someone told you to imagine a lighthouse, what would first come to mind would probably resemble the lighthouse on the little island of Sestrica Vela in the Kornati Archipelago. It looks like a lighthouse from a cartoon and resembles a huge lollipop. The Kornati National Park is nearby so that the view from your bedroom window is precisely what numerous tourists on excursion boats come to see. An added feature of the island is its rich ornithological ecosphere. Whether you’re a bird lover or not, you will certainly not remain indifferent to the diversity of these numerous chirping creatures.

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PALAGRUŽA – The heart of the Adriatic

If you are in search of seclusion and maximum remoteness from the mainland, then Palagruža is the perfect place for you. Once upon a time, this was home to the Greek hero Diomedes, and you, too, will live heroically on this island because you will need to be in good shape to climb from the beach to your room at the top of the lighthouse. The island abounds in plant and animal endemic species, and has two gorgeous beaches where no one will disturb you.

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STRUGA (Island of Lastovo) – Fresh fish on a height

On the sourthern side of the island of Lastovo, in a beautiful cove called Skrivena Luka on a ninety-metre cliff overlooking the sea stands the round tower of a lighthouse. It rises above the very centre of the Kvinta family home who have been there for generations. Due to the very
fertile fishing grounds surrounding the lighthouse, the family will catch fresh fish for their guests and prepare them for you on a grill. The lighthouse is famous because a long time ago, fishermen caught a giant lobster there weighing 18 kg, which was sent as a gift to the then Emperor Franz Joseph in Vienna.

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PLOČICA – A puzzle piece that sticks out

This island is low and flat, hence the name fits it perfectly because from afar it looks like a plate on the sea’s surface. On the island’s northern side is a sandy lagoon with a jetty and ramp for boats. The shallow waters of the northern coast and ravines along the southern coast abound in fish, so all fans of hook fishing and underwater fishing will love Pločica.

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