Discover the Source of Health and Pleasure

Top-Terme Topusko – will make you wishes come true like a goldfish

The particularity of these spas is certainly the water that flows within them. It is water of volcanic origin that is suitable for health treatments and the rehabilitation of the nervous, muscular, and locomotor systems. Simply enjoy bathing in the volcanic water, and it will do all the rest. For those who like, in addition to this, other water activities, you can always go fishing in the nearby Glina river. Maybe you will catch a goldfish that will make your wish come true, but even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter, Terme Topusko will make most of your wishes come true.

Krapinske Toplice thermal centre – from geysers and waterfalls to ocean waves

Krapinske Toplice thermal centre boasts the therapeutic hyperthermal water and natural therapeutic mud, which create an ideal basis for the application of all modern physical medicine and rehabilitation treatments. The Aquae Vivae water centre, a large indoor pools complex, is especially delightful. You can enjoy the water attractions such as geysers, waterfalls, and artificial rain that will warm you up, refresh, and relax, all at the same time. If you are up for a bit of action, try out the swimming pool with its artificial ocean waves. This thermal centre will even delight divers, since you can dive in a special swimming pool using full scuba diving equipment. If you are taking the little ones with you, you will still be able to safely enjoy the kids swimming pool under the relaxing waterfall, while you keep an eye on your little ones. And if you need some fresh air, you can breathe it in the heated outdoor swimming pool.

Bizovačke Toplice thermal centre – swim in the warmest part of the Pannonian sea

The main feature of the Bizovačke Toplice thermal centre is its temperature that reaches up to 96°C, and is thus warmer than any other known thermal water. The water from Bizovac is actually the remnants of the Pannonian sea, and this is why it is salty and extremely rich in minerals. The Bizovačke Toplice thermal centre with its rich offer that ranges from night bathing, movie screenings and large water slide, to varying wellness choices, and other natural beauties and historical sights nearby, invites guests to visit this heart of Slavonia.

Stubičke Toplice thermal centre – step in beautiful, step out more beautiful

The so-called “Stubaki” are hidden in the vicinity of Zagreb, and they are famous for the cryosauna – a treatment of exposure to extremely low temperatures from – 110 °C to – 190 °C, which has a positive impact on the skin and boosts the immune system, but also helps the loss of weight. After these unusual treatments, you will certainly notice the difference in how you feel, but also in the way you look.

Terme Tuhelj thermal centre – renew your body and soul

Fans of water adventures will find their thrills in the Terme Tuhelj bathing and wellness centre. Besides the sources of thermal water and the therapeutic mud, the thermal centre is famous for its Water Planet, a bathing place with more than 5,000 m2 of water surface, suitable for all types of body and soul revitalisation. The geysers and waterfalls will make you relax with their relaxing water massage so much that you will forget about all your worries, and if you are a night owl, on Saturdays you can enjoy the magic of the Water Planet until 2 am.

Terme Sveti Martin thermal centre in Međimurje – active relaxation

The Terme Sveti Martin thermal centre is certainly the favourite destination for professional and recreational athletes. Today’s modern Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin is an optimal place for relaxation throughout the year. The thermal centre has a complex of indoor pools with thermal water, a summer aqua park, as well as a golf course and a wellness centre with holistic relaxation treatments. After each activity it is necessary to reward the body with a little something, and in the Terme Sveti Martin thermal centre you can do so with one of many massages, Finnish and Roman saunas.

Daruvar thermal centre – relaxation in the swimming pool and beyond

True nature lovers will enjoy the Daruvar thermal centre in many ways.
As for health, here you can recover from various sports injuries or alleviate pain from illnesses like rheumatism, and at the same time enjoy the benefits of thermal water and therapeutic mud, as well various massages and saunas. Whilst on the gourmet side, you will certainly love the original meals of Daruvar restaurants prepared with local ingredients.
For the lovers of nature walks, you can visit the park and the wood that surrounds the thermal centre, and further revitalize your body with the fresh air.

Terme Jezerčica thermal centre – so close, but far enough

The Terme Jezerčica thermal centre is located close enough to the Croatian capital city to attract many inhabitants of Zagreb, but at the same time far enough so that they can forget about their worries in a relaxing atmosphere. The abundant sources of thermal water and the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, together with five types of saunas in the Jezerčica Spa Centre regularly attract inhabitants of the capital city to feel this oasis of peace. It is very hard to describe that feeling, so the best way is to come and discover it for yourselves.

Toplice Lešće thermal centre – a wellness oasis in the heart of nature

The Toplice Lešće thermal centre will enchant you with its idyllic peace, clean mountain air, and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Escape from the busy everyday life and try to forget about all your worries, and if you cannot do it on your own, a relaxing massage will certainly help, as well as the infrared sauna, the whirlpool bath, or a simple swim in the thermal water. After you have stretched all your muscles in the pool, it is then time to wrap up the whole story about health, and for that you will need the healthy food in the ‘Lešće’ restaurant where they will welcome you with culinary delicacies prepared with local ingredients.

Varaždin thermal centre – enjoy like an emperor

The Varaždin thermal centre dates back to ancient times, and it has been a synonym for superior service and incredible healing powers for centuries. The thousand-year tradition of using thermal sulphurous water and therapeutic peloids from natural sources are the reasons why so many people come here for treatments or to enjoy the place, and very often they combine both. The emperor Constantine enjoyed the beauties of the Varaždin thermal centre, so you can easily say that you have enjoyed your time like an emperor after your visit to the Varaždin thermal centre.

Istarske Toplice thermal centre – a rock that heals

The Istarske Toplice thermal centre is located in the fairy-tale-like hinterland of the Istrian peninsula in the Northern Adriatic, and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The 85-metre high rock called the Giant is situated above the thermal centre, and below the rock there is the source of the thermal water, the basis of Istarske Toplice. Thanks to this good giant, this thermal centre has been known since ancient times for its water full of minerals, which has been scientifically and proven in practice to boost the recovery process and the treatment of many illnesses.

Naftalan thermal centre – it’s not only the water that is curative

The Naftalan thermal centre is unique in Europe as a natural source of naftalan curative oil, after which this thermal centre was named. This is the second finding place of that kind in the world, and the only one in Europe.