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  • The Sweetest Part of the Adriatic

    Take your Pick From Istria in the northwest to Konavle in the southeast, one can find the ever-popular kroštule (shortcrust pastry mainly “tied” in the form of a bow, deep-fried in oil, and dusted with sugar); fritule (small round yeast dumplings with raisins, deep-fried in oil, and dusted with sugar); pandišpanj (sponge cake flavoured with […]

  • 6 Epic Cycling Trails

    Escape from the Crowd The Croatian capital has become one of the country’s hottest destinations, but how easy is it to get on a bike and explore? Head to Medvednica Nature Park, just 20 minutes from Zagreb, where the land climbs to 1,000 m, providing a natural haven for adventure cyclists – both road and […]

  • The Food that Amazed Anthony Bourdain

    The Chef Recommends Anthony Bourdain famously pronounced himself an idiot for not discovering Croatian cuisine sooner and delivering the magic of Croatia’s gourmet offer into living rooms all over the world. And one of the biggest secrets of this cuisine? Simplicity. Simple as that! The Changing Menu Freshness is another key factor in the changing […]

  • Where the Mountains Meet the Adriatic Sea

    Nature at its Best One of Croatia’s eight national parks, Risnjak (named after the lynx) is located here with a plethora of unspoiled forests, meadows, streams, rivers, caves, and mountain peaks with unique flora and fauna. This includes the source of the mighty River Kupa, whose upper stream is known as the ‘magical butterfly valley’. […]

  • Discover the Source of Health and Pleasure

    Top-Terme Topusko – will make you wishes come true like a goldfish The particularity of these spas is certainly the water that flows within them. It is water of volcanic origin that is suitable for health treatments and the rehabilitation of the nervous, muscular, and locomotor systems. Simply enjoy bathing in the volcanic water, and […]

  • Sail Through Croatia On Your Bicycle

    Pelješac – riding from Napoleon to Marco Polo Napoleon must have had cyclists in mind when he built his Napoleonic road 200 years ago, for the route which spans the length of the peninsula is full of heritage, history, nature and the best vineyards in the world. If you can resist the famous oysters of […]

  • Game of Thirst: The story of Zinfandel’s ancestors

    American grape cousinTake the tongue-twisting Crljenak Kaštelanski, for example, a big red variety from the Kaštela region, which was largely overlooked until the University of Davis confirmed a 100% DNA match with the famous American Zinfandel back in 2001. That’s right, that little tongue-twister is actually the original Zinfandel, just one of the many wine […]

  • This Meat Is So Delicious Because It’s Made By The Wind

    PRŠUT – Adriatic star Krčki pršut – there’s more than fish on Krk Famed for its golden Žlahtina wines and excellent lamb, Krk is the only island whose cured ham is protected. Similar to Italian prosciutto, an essential part of the pršut production process is its slow drying, and the dry bura winds on Krk […]

  • Nothing Sweet About Dalmatian Gold

    The Dalmatian coast is famed for its endless beaches, pristine waters, numerous idyllic islands and golden sunsets, but did you know that it is also home to quite a different and very valuable gold? The so-called white gold. It is in the form of salt and it was an essential staple over the centuries and […]

  • Old But Gold: Five (Pre-) Historical Artefacts You Must See

    Apoxyomenos on the island of LošinjApoxyomenos is an ancient Greek bronze statue from the 2nd or 1st century BC, a Hellenistic copy from the 4th century. The 192 cm tall artefact represents an athlete cleaning his body with a scraping tool (the Greek word “Apoxyomenos” translates to “the scraper”). Although it is believed that this […]