At These Beautiful Places You Can’t Decide Whether to Stay In or Out!

San Rocco, Istria

The San Rocco family estate is located in the very centre of Brtonigla and fosters a long tradition of superior quality. This magical place is surrounded by a large park and olive grove where guests can enjoy the peace and tranquillity, read a book in the shade, take a nap lulled to the sounds of untouched nature, or take pleasure in our assortment of wellness treatments. The location is known for its restaurant that will satisfy even the greatest food connoisseurs as it is among the very top in Croatian gastronomy, which is no wonder given that the whole Istria region is known as an oasis of delicacies. So do not miss out on discovering these beauties – from hidden coves and beaches, to wine roads and world famous Istrian truffles!

Bastion, Zadar

The modern and chic hotel Bastion simply radiates with luxury. With its Mediterranean cuisine and local dishes it overwhelms even the most demanding palates. It offers a real wellness oasis vacation with its Western and Eastern massage techniques, chromotherapy under a starry sky, steam baths, and exclusive treatment with scented candles, warm beverages, and relaxing music. Complete this vacation of body and soul with a romantic walk around breathtaking Zadar, take pictures at the world famous Hello Sunshine installation, and enjoy the music created by the sea with the help of the Sea Organ. Romance is guaranteed!

Vestibul, Split

Hotel Vestibul is truly a hotel as you have never yet experienced! It is located on the Vestibule in the very heart of the Diocletian Palace, making it a retreat worthy of emperors. When you sleep, you are surrounded by the historic ancient Roman walls of the 1700-year-old city of Split. The main attractions such as the Peristil, Cathedral of Saint Domnius, and the Riva are but a few steps away from the hotel, all of which you definitely must explore after an outstanding dinner at the hotel restaurant that uses only organic ingredients, and has an enviable wine list of regional and national indigenous varieties.

Pucić Palace, Dubrovnik

The Pucić Palace Hotel is a sophisticated 5-star boutique hotel located in the centre of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Its 17 luxury rooms and 2 suites create an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. In this 17th century baroque edifice, you are surrounded by stone walls and an authentic environment that will make you feel like part of a glamorous film. Get the best view of cultural monuments, vibrant cafés, museums, art galleries, and concert halls. Watching the sunset from the City Walls is something you must not miss. Be sure to continue your romantic atmosphere in the fresh and modern environment of the Pucić Palace Hotel terrace where you can delight in exceptional culinary creations that accentuate the best of the Mediterranean, and whose menu is inspired by the sea. The exquisite fragrance of surrounding jasmine and citrus trees certainly contributes to the romantic ambiance.

This is a place where time stands still, a place where the sea delves the deepest in Croatia, a place of indomitable style, first-class service and fantastic gastronomic offer. A place you will remember forever and always come back to. Be sure to explore the tradition of bell ringers specific to the village of Matulji and its environs that is inscribed on UNESCO’s list of intangible world heritage. A special place for a special holiday!

Lešić Dimitri, Korčula

The Lešić Dimitri Palace is located in the very heart of the island of Korčula, and its refined elegance complements the rich history and cultural heritage of this island. Celebrating the harmony of old and new, this boutique resort contains five unique and spacious suites. The restored Bishop’s Palace from the 18th century is a paradise for true hedonists! The hotel’s interior is inspired by Korčula’s most famous resident, Marco Polo and the Silk Road which is said to have begun right here. Experience Korčula’s charm by chatting with the residents of Philosophers Street – the only street without stairs. Relish in aphrodisiacs like Pošip – an indigenous dry white wine first to receive legal protection, or Korčula’s sweet delights such as cukarini, klašuni, hrustule, prikle, and rožata (crème caramel).


Should UNESCO Consider Naming All of Croatia as World Heritage?


Dubrovnik’s fascinating medieval centre enclosed by perfectly preserved walls impressed the English poet Lord Byron so much that he called the city the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Dubrovnik leaves the same impression on its guests to this day. Its beauty even astounds Hollywood producers who chose the city as the location for filming Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

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The Roman emperor Diocletian founded the city of Split 1700 years ago as the ideal place to spend his retirement. The city’s residents today call it the “most beautiful city in the world”. Split boasts some fascinating achievements, for example, did you know that this is home to the largest number of Olympic and world medalists per capita?

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In the olden days, young men in central Croatia would express their affection and love to girls by giving them their heart – not only metaphorically, but an actual lovely sweet cake in the shape of a heart. The art of licitar-making is passed down from generation to generation, and the licitar has become one of the most recognised symbols of Croatian identity.

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Another place in Croatia included on many “must see” lists are the Plitvice Lakes. The Plitvice Lakes are inscribed on UNESCO’s natural heritage list. Sixteen turquoise lakes surrounded by hundreds of white waterfalls that break through green treetops full of blue dragonflies will make you feel like you are in the middle of an enchanted garden.

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The Bećarac is a vocal-instrumental musical piece popular in the region of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. It was sung mainly at weddings and other occasions when people would gather to celebrate. Two bećars (young bachelors, boys, jokers) compete in singing verses that are accompanied by tamburica players. The lyrics are often provocative, but in a funny way. They praise one’s own talents, beauty, and skills, and also sing of defiance, spite, and mocking one’s rivals. As we said, the bećarac is the forerunner of battle rap 🙂

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There are 18 other tangible and intangible heritage items on UNESCO’s World Heritage List that you definitely must visit, experience, and try. The newest items on this prestigious list are stećci – monumental medieval tombstones, that can be found at two locations: Cista Velika and Konavle. Be among the first in the world to visit this unique artistic and cultural phenomenon in Croatia.


Ready to Tie the Knot? Why Not in Croatia!


Couples from all over the world are increasingly choosing Dubrovnik as the location for their fateful “I do”. The selection of exactly where is a difficult one to make, and the list is vast – inside the old city walls or in the nearby vicinity (Rector’s Palace, Revelin or Lovrijenac Fortresses, Sponza Palace), holiday villas, parks, sailboats, or the islands of Lopud and Šipan. Whatever location you choose, one thing is certain – you cannot go wrong!

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In all major towns on the west Istrian coast from Savudrija to Pula, it is common to combine a cruise with a wedding. The most popular Istrian locations are estates and castles on the mainland, or the Brijuni Islands, and of course, the Pula Arena.

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The Opatija Riviera offers countless opportunities for wedding celebrations in luxury hotels and first-class restaurants extending from Volosko to Mošćenička Draga, including the hills above the Riviera in Lovranska Draga and Kastav, and the Čikat Bay on Mali Lošinj.
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For those who like the “Robinson Crusoe” lifestyle there are several places on the Kornati Islands that organise wedding celebrations too. These are mostly in the Opat and Vruja Bays on Kornat Island, followed by the islets of Ravni Žakan, Levrnaka, and Žut. Wouldn’t you want to sail off into the sunset surrounded by 152 islands?

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After the construction of a large and luxurious marina and a new hotel next to it, the city of Šibenik became an even more appealing spot for nautical weddings. In addition to the marina, there are two other very attractive locations – St. Nicholas’ Fortress that is almost entirely immersed in the sea, and St. Michael’s Fortress.

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…and Skradin

A special experience on any cruise, including a wedding one, is to sail through the Šibenik Channel via Lake Prokljan and get to Skradin at the mouth of the Krka River. In this lovely and peaceful town you will find excellent restaurants for unforgettable wedding celebrations.

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The most popular wedding venues in Split are Villa Dalmatia and the Ivan Meštrović Gallery, which holds sculptures made by the most celebrated Croatian sculptor. Both sites are situated at the foot of the mythical Split hill – Marjan, and what is most important, they offer a breathtaking view of the sea.

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Hvar and the Pakleni Islands

One of the top wedding destinations are the town of Hvar and the Pakleni Islands. You can enjoy superb Mediterranean cuisine at local restaurants, and say your fateful “I do” on the Fortress Fortica too. On the largest of the Pakleni islands, the Island of Saint Clement, it is common to host weddings in the Vinogradišće Bay right by the sea. Your photos from these locations are sure to be absolutely magical.

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The island of Vis

If you are not a fan of formal wedding locations, this is the island for you. Vis abounds in hidden coves perfect for a romantic wedding. Loosen up your tie and say “I do” while looking at the sea and one of the most beautiful sunsets.

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This Place is Electrifying!

A great man born in a small place

The ingenious scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla was born exactly at midnight on the night of the 9th to the 10th of July 1856, in the small village of Smiljan near the town of Gospić. The talk of the village is that there was a thunderstorm that night, and so it is no wonder how his life progressed from then on.

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Inventions that changed the world

Tesla had hundreds of inventions, but the most well known and most used fruits of his labour were the alternating current, radio devices, electrical igniter for gas engines, remote controls… It is enough to say that most of the things we do today could not be done in the same way had it not been for Tesla.

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The region from which this genius came from conceals many natural beauties. Lika is a region encircled by mountain chains – Velebit, Velika and Mala Kapela, and Lička Plješivica.
One of Lika’s well known products is the Lika potato. In 2015, its name was inscribed in the EU Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Geographical Indication.
This region is adorned with the exceptional beauty of untouched nature, which is further endorsed by the fact that as much as 58% of the territory of Croatian national parks are located in Lika.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park – a favourite for many

Legend has it that Plitvice Lakes were formed after a massive drought, all thanks to the Black Queen. People, animals and plants longed for a drop of water, and then she appeared. The Black Queen showed mercy to the people and sent rain that kept falling until the water levels grew high enough to form lakes.
The water wealth of this oldest, largest, and most famous national park consists of 16 lakes located in the area between Mala Kapela and Plješivica in Lika.
The extraordinary nature and abundance of flora and fauna attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world, and so it is no wonder that Plitvice Lakes are the most visited Croatian national park. In addition to tourists, its beauty was recognised by UNESCO in 1979, which was among the first in the world to pronounce it a World Heritage Site.

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If you are in search of the perfect blend of breath-taking nature and the richness of cultural and historical heritage, or perhaps you favour active tourism, this is a place you must visit as soon as possible!


You Thought Tenerife Was the Ultimate Biking Terrace. Think Closer.

A little bit of everything

Biking on Kvarner will be a unique challenge for everyone, and you will be infused with a myriad of feelings, all except for one – boredom. Riding along the shore is an exceptional experience because there are literally no plains, and the road follows inlets that are connected to one another. At times it descends to sea level, and at times it follows the steep coastline and extends along the edge of a hundred-metre-high gorge. The colour of the sea alternates from turquoise blue to dark blue because the depth in certain spots drops to 30 metres or more. This is a sure sign that there are mountains nearby.

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Ain’t no mountain high enough

The Kvarner phenomenon is that there are countless climbs that begin at sea level and end at the summits of this region. The longest ascent and highest road in Kvarner ends at 1400 m above sea level, and consists of 22 km of constant uphill climbing from the Ičići Marina to the highest peak on Učka, Vojak. This is also the finish line of the most demanding stage of the Tour of Croatia, which tests the strength of the world’s best cycling teams. Vojak is an extraordinary peak where you will feel like ruler of the world because from it you can see Istria to west, Velebit and Risnjak to the east, and the Adriatic islands to the south that look like large stones scattered in shallow water.

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A mountain overlooking the sea

If you set off towards the eastern side of the city of Rijeka, you will have the unique opportunity to climb 35 km from sea level to the Platak Ski Resort, which boasts over 100 ski days during the heavy winter season. At the top of the highest ski slope you can delight in the same view as from the top of Učka, Vojak.

Energy cells

What amazes everyone who comes to Kvarner for a cycling vacation is the cuisine that is always deeply imbued in the cycling lifestyle. The assortment of seafood at local restaurants is in balance with the selection of meat delicacies from the region’s mountain area. The food here still has that indigenous, unaltered flavour.

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Useful tips

The roads are in excellent condition, and the dense network of local roads will enable you to enjoy your ride without being in contact with the busy traffic of urban centres. To make your stay in Kvarner even easier, set your shifting to adapt to riding on mountainous terrain – for road bikes a 34×28 compact, while for MTBs a standard shifter will suffice.

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Time to relax

Here you will certainly find an excellent quality/cost ratio in many of the accommodation facilities, along with superb service. It is also the perfect location for going on cycling tours as well as enjoying the sound of waves beneath your window. A variety of top-quality wellness centres will rejuvenate your energy and fill your time while recuperating between two cycling tours.

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If You Think the Stelvio Trail is Awesome, Sv. Jure Will Blow Your Mind!

Croatia has its own Stelvio and its name is Sv. Jure. It is the highest peak on the Biokovo Mountain and is situated above the city of Makarska. Along with Makarska, practically connected to one another are some of the most gorgeous places on the Adriatic coast – Brela, Tučepi, Podgora, Gradac, and many others.

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When you look at Biokovo – a mountain range that follows the coastline south of the city of Split – you get a sense of awe and admiration. You realise at once that before you is a natural phenomenon that deserves respect and preparation before conquering it so that you can take full pleasure in its charm. HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak SvJure 1.0.2
Conquering Sv. Jure by bike is an exceptional experience. The ascent starts from several directions, with every one beginning at sea level from the centres of coastal towns that captivate you with their warmth and Mediterranean scents. At times, Biokovo’s proximity is in disaccord with the crystal blue sea that crashes into the rocks, pebbles, and breakwaters at the very foot of the mountain.

The road ascends to 35 km at 1762 m above sea level, and is the highest road in Croatia. The view from the top is unimaginably beautiful – on one side you see sinkholes that unveil the biological life of this nature park, and the Imotski Field. To the west, windy weather reveal the contours of the Apennine mountain range. The serpentines leading to the top resemble the Stelvio Pass, especially if you venture to climb this peak from the town of Podgora. The exhilaration of the view from the top is worth all the effort and pain you put into the climb.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak SvJure 1.0.4
The inclines are not extreme, but the length of the climbs themselves are fairly exhausting. If Sv. Jure is too great a challenge for you, you are still in the right place. The road that follows the coast will offer you cycling pleasure worth an hour or so driving by car, a little more southward to the Makarska Riviera. Bike trails are well prepared and marked and will guarantee sheer riding enjoyment on your pre-planned routes.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak SvJure 1.0.5
This part of Dalmatia places special emphasis on the development of cyclotourist offers and so you will encounter a large number of facilities that are adapted to bicycle guests. The nearness of the sea, fishing culture, and symbiotic coexistence of the local inhabitants with the sea guarantees you the utmost culinary enjoyment in Mediterranean cuisine. The interwoven local customs from the region’s continental hinterland bring a novel type of cuisine to your table, filled with authentic flavours and ingredients.

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Do the Light Thing: Choose a Lighthouse Just for Yourself!

SAVUDRIJA – An international view and your own private beach

The northernmost point of the Croatian Adriatic has its own lighthouse. Italy lies to the one side, Slovenia on the other, and all the rest is Croatia. This is also the oldest lighthouse on the Croatian coast, built in 1818, and the cape on which it lies is called Punta Salvore or Cape of Salvation.
So come and be saved from the stressful rhythm of life. Having your own “private beach” will surely help, because the whole coast around the lighthouse is fenced off to give you the utmost privacy.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Svjetionici 1.0.1

PORER – El Dorado for underwater fishing

Amid a mere eighty-metre wide reef, at about a mile and a half from shore, stands a wonderful, tall cylindrical structure, and one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Adriatic. Its tower is entirely washed out from the sea so that its white surface gleams in the sun and is visible from afar. There are three small harbours around the lighthouse, enabling access during wavy and windy weather conditions of all kinds. Due to currents in an incredibly attractive seabed, this is an El Dorado for everyone who loves underwater fishing.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Svjetionici 1.0.2

VELI RAT – The best view from above

Besides being on the very edge of Dugi Rat with a stunning view of the open sea, even the path to the lighthouse is covered in dense forest so that your isolation from civilisation is at its peak. If, however, you happen to feel like civilisation, just look out from your 40-metre high lighthouse and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse. Right next to the lighthouse lies the beautiful Pantera Bay that resembles a beautiful ocean lagoon, which further contributes to this divine environment.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Svjetionici 1.0.3

TAJER (Kornati) – A lollipop with a bird’s song

If someone told you to imagine a lighthouse, what would first come to mind would probably resemble the lighthouse on the little island of Sestrica Vela in the Kornati Archipelago. It looks like a lighthouse from a cartoon and resembles a huge lollipop. The Kornati National Park is nearby so that the view from your bedroom window is precisely what numerous tourists on excursion boats come to see. An added feature of the island is its rich ornithological ecosphere. Whether you’re a bird lover or not, you will certainly not remain indifferent to the diversity of these numerous chirping creatures.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Svjetionici 1.0.4

PALAGRUŽA – The heart of the Adriatic

If you are in search of seclusion and maximum remoteness from the mainland, then Palagruža is the perfect place for you. Once upon a time, this was home to the Greek hero Diomedes, and you, too, will live heroically on this island because you will need to be in good shape to climb from the beach to your room at the top of the lighthouse. The island abounds in plant and animal endemic species, and has two gorgeous beaches where no one will disturb you.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Svjetionici 1.0.5

STRUGA (Island of Lastovo) – Fresh fish on a height

On the sourthern side of the island of Lastovo, in a beautiful cove called Skrivena Luka on a ninety-metre cliff overlooking the sea stands the round tower of a lighthouse. It rises above the very centre of the Kvinta family home who have been there for generations. Due to the very
fertile fishing grounds surrounding the lighthouse, the family will catch fresh fish for their guests and prepare them for you on a grill. The lighthouse is famous because a long time ago, fishermen caught a giant lobster there weighing 18 kg, which was sent as a gift to the then Emperor Franz Joseph in Vienna.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Svjetionici 1.0.6

PLOČICA – A puzzle piece that sticks out

This island is low and flat, hence the name fits it perfectly because from afar it looks like a plate on the sea’s surface. On the island’s northern side is a sandy lagoon with a jetty and ramp for boats. The shallow waters of the northern coast and ravines along the southern coast abound in fish, so all fans of hook fishing and underwater fishing will love Pločica.

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7 Ways to Achieve an Epic Muscle Fever

Run through paradise

Croatia is a land of wondrous beauty with its sea, mountains, and forests. Whether you are the adventurous type, or prefer jogging, everyone will find something for themselves. For those hungry for action, we suggest just a few of numerous possibilities: scarping on Pašman, orienteering on Cres, or cave trekking in Lika. For those who prefer more traditional activities, we recommend walks along the Drava, Sava and Mura Rivers, and obviously strolls by the sea.
Tie your shoes, warm up, and get going!

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Become the highest person in Croatia

The myriad of mountains in Croatia offers lovers of heights everything they need.
Do you want something easier for starters, up to 1000 m.a.s.l.? No problem, we have more moderate trails on hills of Slavonia and Zagorje.
Think you’re ready for the highest peaks? Don’t worry, everything above 1500 m.a.s.l. is a real challenge. Velebit, Dinara, Risnjak, and Velika Kapela with their highest summits think they are untouchable, but it’s up to you to prove them wrong and win!

P.S. We didn’t tell you what beauties lie on each mountain, because we didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Every climber knows that it’s best to let the mountain astound you with gorgeous sights when you least expect it!

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Muscle fever 1.0.2

Climb above your limits

30 years ago, Split’s Marjan hill held the first sports climbing competition in Croatia. While Marjan is a symbol of tradition, Markezina Greda is a symbol for a new era of Croatian climbing. This climbing rock above Klis currently has an impressive 90 routes – something for everyone!
Although most climbing locations are situated in the coastal region, the Croatian inland also has its beauties. One of them is Pokojec near Varaždin.
There are many attractive locations in Croatia that are ideal for sports climbing. The Paklenica Canyon and Dabar Cliffs on Velebit are but a couple of the many places beckoning you to test your limits, in tranquillity.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Muscle fever 1.0.3

Pedal to freedom

While many try to take cool panoramic shots with their smartphones, true cyclists know that it is much better when you pedal your own panoramic tour. Ride down the steep mountain roads of Medvednica, Biokovo or Učka, and experience the feeling of freedom when you let your wheels do all the work and you enjoy a panoramic view the best way possible – in person.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Muscle fever 1.0.4

Surrender to the rapids

Numerous springs in the rugged mountain rocks of Gorski Kotar, Velebit, and Dinara grow into rapids of indescribable beauty. Regardless of whether you are alone in your kayak, an “Indian” in a canoe, or part of a team in a boat, the cold water and surreal green nature will assure you that there is nothing better than this.

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Explore as you row

The Croatian coast offers many opportunities for all those seeking to explore as they row. Numerous inaccessible beaches and bays on Croatian islands and capes are the reward for every stroke and effort you make! Explore the islands of Lopud and Šipan and the Zaton Bay which when combined with the sun and magnificent scenery guarantee an unforgettable voyage.

HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Muscle fever 1.0.6

Ride the wave

They say that the best surfer in the world is the once that has the most fun. To surf you only need a board, a good wave, and a strong will. You already have a good board and your strong will was never an issue, so find your great waves in Viganj on Pelješac, Bol on Brač, or Medulin in Istria.
HTZ 2016 Croatia Feeds fotke za clanak Muscle fever 1.0.7